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Noble Systems offers powerful technology solutions for your collections programs that can help you increase your right-party contact rates and streamline the communications process. Noble's unified solutions give you the tools to enhance the productivity of your collectors, save resources, gain more promises-to-pay, and improve your overall collections results.

The first Noble system sold was used for collections. Today, almost one-half of Noble Systems' clients use our solutions to support their debt recovery activities. These companies represent a wide-range of industries, including first-party groups and third-party agencies in banking & financial services, consumer goods, healthcare, hospitality & travel, media, mortgages, newspapers & publishing, telecommunications, and utilities organizations.

Our clients enjoy the advantages of Noble Systems’ collections-specific features, including Right-Party Connect, Account Ownership, IVR, Outbound Messaging, Digital Recording, On-line Credit Authorizations, Speech Analytics, Unified Collector Desktops, Call Targeting and Campaign Strategy Management, and more.

With our flexible Software Integration tools, Noble has interface with many of the popular collections systems, including (but not limited to), CollectOne, CUBS, DebtMaster, DebtNet, FACS, First Data, Hubbard, IBS, Latitude, TSYS, and more, as well as to proprietary collections platforms.


  • Right-Party Connect to ensure that the collector is speaking with the debtor
  • Account Ownership allows collectors to build relationships with debtors and manage accounts, improving debtor satisfaction and recovery
  • IVR tools to setup and deploy automatic agent and payment programs
  • Agent-less campaigns with integrated Outbound Messaging platform for improved efficiencies
  • Digital Recording to keep records of payment promises and track quality and compliance
  • Automatic processing of payment transactions with online credit checks and authorizations
  • User-defined searches of debtor conversations to identify and analyze trends and potential issues
  • Customized Collector Desktops to streamline processes and provide access to debtor account information