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Performance management is an integral part of managing the call center and incorporates many aspects, including call center analytics, agent development, workflow optimization, intelligent planning, and robust reporting to enable service organizations to analyze the business and determine organizational strategies to grow productivity and efficiencies.

Our complete contact management, reporting and analytics portfolio offers insight across the enterprise organization with tools for call recording, speech analytics, quality management, workforce management, and training. The Noble Enterprise Solution delivers a total solution in a unified platform with management dashboards, productivity measures and threshold alerts, data and speech analytics, monitoring and QA tools, agent development, and compliance applications that keep managers and supervisors informed of real-time activities and results, allowing them to respond quickly to underperforming agents or applications.


  • Identifies strategic organizational objectives and supports alignment of goals and activities
  • Automates reporting and makes it easily accessible to allow managers and supervisors to be on the floor providing agent mentoring and training
  • Provides crucial decisioning intelligence to support informed choices
  • Streamlines processes and workflows to improve accuracy and timeliness
  • Increases employee job satisfaction through more effective training and development and more efficient scheduling
  • Facilitates faster business responses to changing conditions with real-time dashboards and dynamic workflow management
  • Enables better root cause analysis of results and responses to improve customer service and future contact performance
  • Decreases risk and improve compliance with better employee development, more efficient contact strategies, and tracking tools
  • Reduces costs by using standards-based tools to decrease the number of people and amount of time required to make decisions or complete processes