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Whether selling new product or collecting past due payments, in today's environment it is more challenging than ever to contact customers. Automated dialers have become an integral part of most outbound collection, telemarketing and outbound customer service strategies. However, these devices working alone cannot determine the right time to call the right customer and get the right result. CallTech software integrates one or more dialers to optimize dialer and agent productivity. CallTech balances available agent resources with probability of customer contact and customer importance, applying predictive models to help organizations schedule the best calls for each hour of the day.

Schedule Calls to Maximize value

Self-Learning Models

Organizations deploy CallTech and see instant results. Organizations get this immediate leverage from its ability to auto-rebuild its models monthly using a rolling sample of data. Additionally, CallTech contact models are dynamic and learn over time, providing increasing levels of accuracy based on the data the system continues to collect. Each month, CallTech automatically refreshes its models, using the last 60 days of the organization’s call history. No intervention is required for this refresh process.

With CallTech, organizations can easily determine the probability of getting a Right-Party-Contact and the probability of a positive response for each call.

Call Targeting

CallTech goes beyond simply looking at contact probabilities to target specific segments of the population and maximize the return on each call made. Organizations can focus campaigns on subsets of accounts, such as those with high balances or risk scores, while retaining the large lists that keep a dialer running efficiently.

Optimization is the Key

Using its powerful call targeting analytic engine, CallTech optimizes daily outbound call schedules, helping to easily identify the best time to call and the best number to call. Each morning, CallTech automatically processes a copy of the day's calling list, segments the list according to rules, calculates contact probabilities for each account, and matches each segment with the resources assigned to work it. As the chart above shows, this combination of outbound agent schedules with the value of each potential call produce the optimal calling schedule for every part of a portfolio. CallTech can also help you determine when to call a mobile number versus when to call a landline, and can split the loads between workgroups for compliance management.


CallTech gives businesses unlimited opportunities to target accounts and match campaigns with agents to maximize efficiency. The CallTech simulation module empowers users to test their latest ideas before deploying them in production. The impact of a new strategy can be quantified in advance so that smart decisions can be made without a costly trial-and-error period for each change made.


  • Easily deploy time-based calling campaigns, using both landline and mobile numbers while maintaining compliant practices
  • Significantly increases Right-Party-Contacts, Promises-To-Pay and Closed Sales
  • Increase dollars collected and sales revenues within budgetary, compliance and resource constraints
  • Reduce roll-rates and charge-offs
  • Gain both immediate and long-term benefits through self-learning models
  • Enhance agent productivity and satisfaction
  • Deliver an ROI in six months or less