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Noble IVR offers intelligent routing automated menus to callers to enhance interactions with fewer agent resources and lower costs, and gives customers access to instant information and rapid service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our IVR platform uses touch tone and voice commands to: 1) route calls with the Noble ACD, 2) provide information to the caller, 3) collect information, and 4) perform processes such as providing an account balance or accepting an account payment. Noble IVR is scalable, easy to setup, and customizable for both inbound and outbound contact applications, and can be combined with TTS (text to speech) and ASR (automated speech recognition) for additional functionality.

Harmony IVR Configuration


Provide Personalized Service

Inbound self-service allows callers to interact with the organization during and after hours, typically without the assistance of an agent. The growth of inbound IVR is being driven by increased center phone volumes, the need for faster, more efficient service, and cost savings. Noble IVR solutions allow callers to interact with critical data in various databases. The IVR system can also gather caller information such as product orders, credit card information, as well as provide account or product information. Self service systems support large volumes of contacts without requiring costly workforce resources and provide timely, automated resolution of customer inquiries, automate complex processes, support 24/7 operations with voice mail, fax-on-demand, and multilingual services, and eliminate repetitive and costly agent tasks for common questions.

Automated Messaging

Outbound messaging allows the person called to answer questions, take surveys and more without an agent resource. Outbound IVR facilitates a range of markets including collections, telesales & lead generation, market research, alerts, group & community communications.

Reduce Dropped/Abandoned Calls and Increase First Call Resolution

IVR menus can help keep more callers on the line by eliminating call transfers and on-hold time spent waiting for a qualified agent. IVR qualifies a caller's needs and ensures that the call receives the most rapid response either through instant access to automated information or through intelligent routing to the best available resource.

The system captures the caller's menu selections and can transfer them to the agent along with the call, so the agent can see the path the caller has taken. The system can also pull account information based on caller entries and push it to the agent's screen. The award-winning Noble Virtual Assistant improves inbound queue management by providing wait-time estimates for on-hold callers and allowing them to enter a call-back request. The system holds the caller's place in line and places a call-back when the next agent becomes available. The caller may also select a different time for a call-back and enter an alternate phone number.

Utilize the Power of an Integrated System

The broad array of capabilities and advantages offered by this tool rival stand-alone, third-party IVR systems. Basic features include touch-tone routing (phone tree routing), which can be linked to skills based, DNIS, or call overflow routing. Expanded functionality delivers the ability to replay or 'speak' numbers, money amounts, dates and times, etc., and can integrate with an off-site mainframe system and with payment processing tools for automated billing and payment services.


  • Dynamic Call Routing – Menu options, skills, priority, and service level routing are all customizable through our call-flow manager
  • Flexible Menu Builder – Graphical color-coded 'flowchart' interface for application development with point-and-click functionality to create intricate IVR flows, launch menus, make recordings, setup automated messages and external call transfers, zoom in/out and expand/collapse options, highlight incoming and outgoing routes, define subscript routing, language sets, and sequential actions, and define help tables without the need for complex programming or technical knowledge
  • Automated Attendant – Improve call handling and customer satisfaction with automated responses to common questions and processes, and more efficient queue management during peak periods
  • Play Messages – Assign messages based on menu selections and entries, ANI, and other attributes, and create your own greetings and custom messages with easy-to-use wizards
  • Create Personalized Services – Provide personalized information through integration with ODBC standard databases and web services to retrieve account information to push to agent screens or to 'speak' to callers with text-to-speech and speech recognition capabilities
  • Complete Reporting – Capture menu selections and view reports on IVR statistics
  • IVR Call Recording – Capture caller and any vox file or messages played during the call