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Noble's SIP/IP based solutions help companies take advantage of new cost-saving IP contact center technologies. Our native SIP, VoIP and IP architectures are ideal for supporting single-site, remote or off-shore, and multi-site telecom routing configurations to distributed agents and virtual contact centers. Noble supports pure-SIP, traditional TDM, and hybrid environments.

'Call Centers without Walls'

The SIP/IP architecture helps companies create 'Call Centers without Walls' – supporting completely flexible environments for distributed deployments, including multiple sites, remote agents, and off-shore centers. The IP-based infrastructure allows companies to use their existing bandwidth more efficiently – almost doubling the capacity – while reducing overall telecom costs.

Reduced Hardware & Software Costs

Noble SIP/IP also reduces hardware and software costs by using a centralized platform and sharing agent licenses across locations – there is only one system to manage and support. IP telephony allows companies to consolidate voice and data traffic on the data network. Users get the benefits of VoIP while maintaining all of the standard TDM features and applications for routing, reporting, and agent productivity.

Flexible Deployment Options

Noble's native SIP/IP solution does not require an external gateway. The flexibility of our solution enables users to mix environments, such as supporting the use of both TDM and VoIP technologies. Noble supports SIP protocols, including phones and soft phones.

Noble® SIPhony

Noble SIPhony is an evolutionary platform for unifying customer communications via a server-based telephony structure. With a total SIP solution that supports traditional TDM or hardware-based telephony, native-IP, and hybrid platforms, Noble makes it easy for organizations to migrate to a SIP environment. SIPhony gives the best of both worlds – seamless point solution integration to existing environments or a stand-alone unified system – to help companies achieve greater performance, improve customer service, and lower the cost of doing business.

SIPhony allows companies to create a more efficient and more effective telephony environment to shorten training time, improve productivity, and reduce costs. The cornerstone for organizations that want the flexibility and cost savings of an IP solution, SIPhony makes it easy for organizations with existing TDM and hardware-based telephony platforms to migrate to the SIP environment.

SIPhony offers an IT-ready platform that is easy to integrate into existing hardware or software applications. With its server-based design, SIPhony can eliminate the reliance on traditional proprietary telephony blades with limited scalability and lifespan, creating a longer-term investment with more flexibility for future growth. SIPhony also offers lower-cost alternatives for disaster recovery and business continuity.

  • The SIPhony platform is targeted for any business looking to take advantage of SIP-based communication environments, from Enterprise-level to SMB organizations.
  • SIPhony supports contact center environments regardless of their telephony infrastructure, including pure native-SIP, traditional TDM, or a hybrid of the two.
  • SIPhony connects any type of agent using any type of telephony connectivity to create a flexible platform without boundaries.
  • SIPhony’s 'cloud-based' contact routing platform centralizes resources to support the agent network, wherever agents may be located, from single site centers, remote agents, and multi-site distributed deployments.
  • Add the SIPhony component to an existing Noble Solution, without replacing the existing infrastructure.
  • Install SIPhony into any current IP network or PBX infrastructure (Cisco, Avaya, etc) for seamless point solutions for predictive dialing, ACD, call recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, or workforce management in a best-of-breed multi-vendor environment.
  • Use SIPhony as an all-SIP stand-alone Unified Communications Solution for all of your contact center needs.

Noble® VoIP

The Noble VoIP (Voice over IP) solution helps companies reduce overhead costs or to across distributed environments. The reliability of VoIP depends on network bandwidth, hardware on both ends of the conversation, and other factors that generate questions about "Quality of Service" from users industry-wide. Our native VoIP and IP architectures are ideal for supporting remote or off-shore telecom routing configurations to distributed agents and virtual contact centers. Noble also provides soft phone features required to perform dialing, disconnecting, putting on hold, transferring, conferencing and other related telephony functions as part of it agent desktop scripting interface and tools.

  • Connects Distributed Sites and Remote Agents into a Single Platform, Regardless of Physical Location
  • Consolidates Routing from Multiple Channels into a Unified Queue
  • Improves Workflows by Providing Agents and Managers with Access to Tools Across the Enterprise
  • Supports both VoIP and TDM Environments to Maximize ROI
  • Optimizes the Use of Network Resources

Noble® iPBX

Noble iPBX is a robust software PBX solution for today’s growing IP telephony environment. Noble iPBX offers contact center organizations the ability to streamline their communications platform, and to improve efficiencies and reduce costs with a flexible, unified voice and data network.

Noble iPBX offers the power of Unified Messaging combining phone, email, fax, and voicemail contacts into a single interface, including fax and voicemail delivery to the user desktop, to help your employees work more efficiently and become more productive. Noble iPBX can be used as a stand-alone phone system. Or, it can be implemented with the Noble Enterprise Solution to provide an enterprise-wide telephony platform that unifies your call center agents and your business users to improve service and performance.

Noble Systems can help you take advantage of the benefits of a Virtual PBX with the Noble iPBX, giving you the power of a "big business" phone system while helping you save money. We use the latest technologies to offer a flexible, scalable communication platform, bringing  you a solution that combines traditional PBX functionality with advanced features.

  • Scalable, Flexible Deployment Options to Support VoIP & TDM Environments
  • Unified delivery of Fax, Email & Voicemail to the User Desktop
  • Reduced Operational & Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Transaction Processing with More Efficiency
  • Integrated Network for Call Center & Business Users
  • Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Transfers, Call Conferencing, Bridges (eliminate 3rd party services)
  • Caller ID, Auto Attendant, Music/Messages on Hold, Voicemail with email notification
  • Self-Administration & Reporting for Users, Workgroups, Multiple sites, etc.